Dear Governor Newsom,

Attached is a letter signed by more than 200 community leaders, philanthropists, activists and California residents requesting that you appoint a woman of color to fill Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s Senate seat.

As a champion of gender equity and justice, we are hopeful that you will take…

We are entering a new era.

On a day like today, I am struck by what it means to live into change as it unfolds before us. To participate wholeheartedly in something that is at its best when it belongs to everyone and no one all at once.

So many…

Native Women’s Equal Pay Day and Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Courtesy of Equal Pay Today

This month, I lift up again what we already know — there’s not enough funding directed to women and girls, specifically to Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC), cis- and trans women, and gender nonconforming people. …

Photo of Joe Biden’s potential VP picks courtesy of The New York Times

She’s too young, too ambitious, too strong. When it comes to politics, women, specifically women of color, have been reduced to a stereotype. Instead of focusing on her qualifications, many headlines focus on the candidates’ personality, if she’s well liked, too aggressive, or too embedded in political life. …

A Case Study in Adapting Organizational Policies, Practices and Programs in the Time of COVID

Women’s Foundation California Staff and Board on the now ubiquitous Zoom call.

In every crisis there is opportunity — to adapt, learn, redesign, and restructure towards a better, more sustainable world that centers wellness. …

Surina Khan

is the CEO of Women’s Foundation California, which invests in, trains, and connects feminists advancing racial, economic, and gender justice.

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