Another Womxn of Color Senator for California

Surina Khan
2 min readNov 11, 2020

Dear Governor Newsom,

Attached is a letter signed by more than 200 community leaders, philanthropists, activists and California residents requesting that you appoint a woman of color to fill Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s Senate seat.

As a champion of gender equity and justice, we are hopeful that you will take this opportunity to recognize the importance of the leadership of women of color in rebuilding and strengthening our democracy. A progressive woman of color committed to gender, racial, and economic justice will be important to move forward a pro-democracy agenda for our nation. In particular we see opportunities for our elected leaders to take bold steps to strengthen our democracy including removing the filibuster as a structural reform that will advance legislation on a range of issues including COVID relief, gun control, climate change, higher wages, stronger benefits and access to quality healthcare, education, and childcare.

We thank you for your leadership and consideration of our collective request.


Surina Khan

CEO, Women’s Foundation California

We respectfully call on you to appoint a womxn of color to fill vice president-elect Kamala Harris’ vacated senate seat here in California. As we mark this historic victory for women’s leadership in the White House, we need to continue our work in California to elevate and celebrate the leadership of women of color.

Appointing a woman of color to fill this U.S. Senate seat is both the right thing to do and the easy thing to do. There is an abundance of incredible female leadership of color across California ready to represent our state in Washington, DC.

We know and you know that representation matters.

In her Senate role Kamala Harris was the only Black woman and the first Indian American woman in the U.S. Senate. As Governor, you have an opportunity to continue to advance the leadership of women of color by appointing a woman of color to continue this work for the next two years.

There have been 1,984 members of the U.S. Senate and right now, only twenty six of them are women and only four are women of color. Our representative democracy is supposed to represent us. With California’s racial, ethnic, and gender diversity, our best bet to advance our progressive values and live out our democratic promise is to fill this Senate seat with a woman of color. Appointing a woman of color to the U.S. Senate is what’s best for all of us.

See the over 200 community leaders, philanthropists, activists and California residents who signed our letter to Gov. Newsom



Surina Khan

is the CEO of Women’s Foundation California, which invests in, trains, and connects feminists advancing racial, economic, and gender justice.