• Amanda Devine

    Amanda Devine

  • Bia Vieira

    Bia Vieira

    Bia is a queer organizer, producer, strategist, and political and cultural activist. Her life’s work centers around advocating for a more just and safe wold.

  • Leslie Borrell

    Leslie Borrell

    Over 20 years working in the software development. 15 years leading engineering teams. Started CarefullyApp in 2016 to help me and other parents find balance.

  • stephanie


    I really am a positive person, I promise.

  • Kamikad


  • Nicola Schulze

    Nicola Schulze

    Determined Latinx with a passion for social justice. Proud library card holder since 1997

  • Leila Billing

    Leila Billing

    Leila Billing is a freelance gender consultant

  • Sonja Magdevski

    Sonja Magdevski

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